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GrowBot Second Call for Ideas

The GrowBot consortium is promoting initiatives that aim to enlarge and enrich the technological and plant science communities for developing bioinspired materials and robotics. In this initiative, we wish to foster new and creative research thinking, primarily for young researchers, designers, artists, who are motivated to work in scientific fields.  The project has planned to launch two calls for ideas in the form of prizes (in line with the conditions set out in general Annex K) for performing selected activities at the European level. These calls target scientific topics that are relevant for GrowBot project, yet they do not represent pre-defined core activities of partners.


This topic for the second call for ideas is Development of an artistic version of a plant-inspired growing robot. 

One of the missions of the GrowBot project is to share a new vision of both plant kingdom and bioinspired robotic technologies, by educating people to better understand the functionalities of real plants and the potentialities of technologies inspired by these natural models for future environmental sustainability.

For this objective, it is of major importance the use of new design approaches that merges engineering functionalities, biological principles, with an artistic footprint. The goal of this call is the realization of an artistic version of a plant-inspired growing robot, that can be a graphical or physical representation, and that can be used for showcase/demonstration of biological principles, plants’ abilities and associated engineering solutions. Candidates should address this challenge by considering all potential options and methods; improvements over current approaches are strongly encouraged. Suggestions of new or unconventional approaches which will be more than welcome.


plant-inspired robots  growing robots robots  engineering design  arts and technology


Grant Agreement
824074 (H2020-FETPROACT-2018-01)
Amount of the prize
EUR 30k
Max age 35 years
Language of the proposal
Proposal submission
Online submission
Call opening
October 1, 2022
Call deadline
November 30, 2022 at 17:00h CET
Evaluation of proposals
December 1-19, 2022
Winner nomination
December 20, 2022
Research activities
February 1 - June 30, 2023
Proposal Template

Proposals must be submitted using the provided template (in Word format).

Proposal features
3-page proposal (including general idea, a detailed 5-month project workplan, and expected results)
Added documents
Proposer CV

Application documents

Proposal Template

The applicants must use the proposal template which can be found here. In the document, there will be instructions specifying the type of information expected per section. Each section should not exceed the maximum number of words indicated. Applicants are solely responsible for completing all required fields in the template according to the instructions.

The proposers must apply online here. If you discover an error in your proposal and provided that the call deadline has not passed, you may submit a new version. Only the last version received before the call deadline will be considered in the evaluation. Proposals must be received by the closing time and date of the call. Late proposals or proposals submitted in any other way than through the online submission form will not be evaluated.

Letter of Commitment Template

The proposers must use the letter of commitment template which can be found here. In the document, the chosen host institution will confirm its intention to sign a supplementary agreement with the candidate in which the listed obligations will be addressed should the proposal be selected.

Evaluation criteria

Each proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:
Research Skills (max 30 points)
  • Background and professional experience (max 15 points)
  • Publications (max 15 points)

Proposal project (max 50 points)

  • Impact (max 15 points)

  • Novelty (max 15 points)
  • Feasibility (max 20 points)
Personal Skills (max 20 points)
  • Team working (max 4 points)
  • Communication (max 8 points)
  • Motivation (max 8 points)

The proposals will be evaluated by a commission composed of the GrowBot members of the Scientific and Management Board (SMB), the Innovation Management Board (IMB), and the Advisory Board on the base of novelty, feasibility, proposed CV and coherence with the GrowBot objectives.

The winner of the call for ideas will start after 2 months from the end of the call and he/she will be hosted for a 5-month period at one of the institutions of the GrowBot consortium.

The prize (EUR 30k) will be paid to the host institution appointed by the candidate by bank transfer.