Journal Papers


High-Throughput and Combinatorial Approaches for the Development of Multifunctional Polymers
Bio-inspired and computer-supported design of modulated shape changes in polymer materials
Multifunctionality in Polymer Networks by Dynamic of Coordination Bonds
Approaches of combining a 3D printed elastic structure and a hydrogel to create models for plant-inspired actuators
Robust Fractional-Order Control Using a Decoupled Pitch and Roll Actuation Strategy for the I-Support Soft Robot
Ultraconformable, Self-Adhering Surface Electrodes for Measuring Electrical Signals in Plants
Origami hand for soft robotics driven by thermally controlled polymeric fibre actuators
Structural performance of a climbing cactus: making the most of softness
Cactus-inspired design principles for soft robotics based on 3D printedhydrogel-elastomer systems


Plant Tropisms as a Window on Plant Computational Processes
Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations for control systems with friction
By hook or by crook: how and why do compound leaves stay curved during development?
Electrical Actuation of Coated and Composite Fibers Based on Poly[ethylene‐co‐(vinyl acetate)]
3D printed composites from heat extruded polycaprolactone/sodium alginate filaments and their heavy metal adsorption properties
Optimal control of plant root tip dynamics in soil
Climbing Plant‐Inspired Micropatterned Devices for Reversible Attachment
The Bio-Engineering Approach for Plant Investigations and Growing Robots. A Mini-Review
Searching and Intertwining: Climbing Plants and GrowBots
Artificial Venus Flytraps: A Research Review and Outlook on Their Importance for Novel Bioinspired Materials Systems
Mechanical Innovations of a Climbing Cactus: Functional Insights for a New Generation of Growing Robots
A General 3D Model for Growth Dynamics of Sensory-Growth Systems: From Plants to Robotics
Living Plant‐Hybrid Generators for Multidirectional Wind Energy Conversion
Taking inspiration from climbing plants: methodologies and benchmarks—a review
Plant‐Inspired Soft Bistable Structures Based on Hygroscopic Electrospun Nanofibers


The softness distribution index: towards the creation of guidelines for the modeling of soft-bodied robots
Remotely Light‐Powered Soft Fluidic Actuators Based on Plasmonic‐Driven Phase Transitions in Elastic Constraint
Passive Morphological Adaptation for Obstacle Avoidance in a Self-Growing Robot Produced by Additive Manufacturing
Characterization of the Growing From the Tip as Robot Locomotion Strategy
Bioperspectives for Shape-Memory Polymers as Shape Programmable, Active Materials
Plant root penetration and growth as a mechanical inclusion problem
Towards a framework for collective behavior in growth-driven systems, based on plant-inspired allotropic pairwise interactions
Quo vadis plant biomechanics: Old wine in new bottles or an up‐and‐coming field of modern plant science?

Conference Papers

2020 IEEE RoboSoft
Image-based Approach to Reconstruct Curling in Continuum Structures

J Fan; E Del Dottore; F Visentin; B Mazzolai

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2020 IEEE RoboSoft
A New Exploration Strategy for Soft Robots Based on Proprioception

F Visentin; GA Naselli; B Mazzolai

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2019 Living Machines
Rose-Inspired Micro-device with Variable Stiffness for Remotely Controlled Release of Objects in Robotics

I Fiorello; F Meder; O Tricinci; C Filippeschi; B Mazzolai

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