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Journal Papers

Plant‐Inspired Soft Bistable Structures Based on Hygroscopic Electrospun Nanofibers
D. Lunni, M. Cianchetti, C. Filippeschi, E. Sinibaldi, B. Mazzolai

Advanced Materials Interfaces 2020

The softness distribution index: towards the creation of guidelines for the modeling of soft-bodied robots
G.A. Naselli, B. Mazzolai

The International Journal of Robotics Research 2019

Remotely Light‐Powered Soft Fluidic Actuators Based on Plasmonic‐Driven Phase Transitions in Elastic Constraint
F. Meder, G. Naselli, A. Sadeghi and B. Mazzolai

Advanced Materials 2019, 1905671

Passive Morphological Adaptation for Obstacle Avoidance in a Self-Growing Robot Produced by Additive Manufacturing
A. Sadeghi, E. Del Dottore, A. Mondini and B. Mazzolai

Soft Robotics 2019

Characterization of the Growing From the Tip as Robot Locomotion Strategy
E. Del Dottore, A. Mondini, A. Sadeghi and B. Mazzolai

Frontiers in Robotics and AI 2019

Plant root penetration and growth as a mechanical inclusion problem
B. Calusi, F. Tramacere, S. Gualtieri, N.M. Pugno and B.Mazzolai

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2019

Towards a framework for collective behavior in growth-driven systems, based on plant-inspired allotropic pairwise interactions
R. Bastien, A. Porat and Y. Meroz

Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 2019, 14, 055004

Quo vadis plant biomechanics: Old wine in new bottles or an up‐and‐coming field of modern plant science?
T. Speck, O. Speck

American Journal of Botany 2019, 106, 11

Conference Papers

Rose-Inspired Micro-device with Variable Stiffness for Remotely Controlled Release of Objects in Robotics
I. Fiorello, F. Meder, O. Tricinci, C. Filippeschi and B. Mazzolai

Living Machines 2019, Nara -Japan

FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities
Research and Innovation Action Grant agreement n. 824074