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GrowBot First Call for Ideas

The GrowBot consortium is promoting initiatives that aim to enlarge and enrich the technological and plant science communities for developing bioinspired materials and robotics. In this initiative, we wish to foster new and creative research thinking, primarily for young researchers who are motivated to work in scientific fields.  We are therefore launching two calls for ideas in the form of prizes (in line with the conditions set out in general Annex K) for performing selected activities at the European level. These calls will be launched twice during the four-year project and will target scientific topics that are relevant for GrowBot project, yet they do not represent pre-defined core activities of partners.


In situ growth dynamics of vines and lianas in the forest canopy - The core element of the GrowBot project is to understand how climbing plants climb and integrate this knowledge into a new generation of climbing artefacts. However, very few studies actually document just how climbing vines and lianas behave in the forest canopy. We are therefore very interested to know just how diverse climbing plants actually behave in and on the forest canopy. This topic addresses issues relating to the development of new tools and methodologies for the observation of the growth dynamics of lianas in the forest canopy. Currently, the traditional approaches include pictures or film taken from ground or air. The main drawbacks are related to the difficulty of access, resolution of features, visualizing amid stem and leaf clutter, limited ranges of studied canopies and expense of observing more than a few locations using canopy rafts, cranes or climbers. Candidates should address these issues by considering all potential options and methods; improvements over current approaches are strongly encouraged. Suggestions of new or unconventional approaches which will be more than welcome.


Grant Agreement
Amount of the prize
EUR 30k
max 35 years
Language of the proposal
Proposal submission
Online submission
Call opening
May 2, 2019
Call deadline
May 31, 2019
Evaluation of proposals
June 1 – 19, 2019
Winner nomination
June 20, 2019
Research activity
1 August – December 31, 2019
Proposal Template
provided template (in Word format)
Proposal features
3-page proposal
Added documents
Proposer CV
Info contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Evaluation criteria

Background and professional experience
max 15 points
max 15 points
max 15 points
max 15 points
max 20 points
Team working
max 4 points
max 8 points
max 8 points

The proposals will be evaluated by a commission composed of the GrowBot members of the Scientific and Management Board (SMB), the Innovation Management Board (IMB), and the Advisory Board on the base of novelty, feasibility, proposed CV and coherence with the GrowBot objectives.

The winner of the call for ideas will start after 2 months from the end of the call and he/she will be hosted for a 5-month period at one of the institutions of the GrowBot consortium.

The prize (EUR 30k) will be paid to the host institution appointed by the candidate by bank transfer.

The evaluation commission assigned the grant to
Dr Begüm Kacamak